Love your enemy – Lord Jesus once said the most revolutionary, world-changing thing

Love your enemies (Matthew 5:44 and Luke 6:27).

Father, forgive them. They don’t know what they did (Luke 23:34).

This article about the enemy that loves you is divided into two parts. The first part is the explanation of the principle; the second part explains the revolutionary principle from our Lord.

Love your enemy first part

He sat on the upper deck of the US warship Missouri and watched the so-called peace lawsuit, ending the Pacific Second World War. General Douglas MacArthur, who represents the United States, said something that made him sneer.

“Let us pray that the world will restore peace now, and God will preserve it forever.”

Fuchida’s historian wrote: “Fuchida is skeptical. When he talks about eternal peace, he doubts his emperor, he does not believe in the general now. No, he thinks, you are wrong, MacArthur. Peace is not coming The world. More trouble is coming.”

Mitsuo Fuchida knows that war is the natural state of mankind. People are selfish and their interests are conflicting. As long as people live on Earth, war will occur and war will end in the end. This is natural and normal. There is no way to end it.

One day after the war, Fuchida was talking to some former prisoners of war who had just returned from US detention. That was when he started to hear another way.

Some people detained in the United States told a young American social worker named Peggy Covell that he was very friendly to them, even though the Japanese were her deadly enemies.

Once, Fuchida understood the reasons for her goodwill.

A close friend of Fuchida was shot down and spent the rest of the war in the American prisoner of war camp. Among them, he met Peggy Covell. He asked why she was so kind, why she was desperate to help him. He is not ready to answer her.

I am very friendly to the Japanese because the Japanese murdered my parents.

Her parents, Jimmy and Charma Covell, were Japanese missionaries. Like other missionaries, when the war was threatened, they had withdrawn from the Philippines. In the end, they were discovered and beheaded.

Their sons and daughters in the United States did not know the death of their parents until the liberation of the Philippines in 1945. At first, Peggy was very angry and full of hatred. Those who had become parents’ love and prayer objects might kill them. But in the end, she knew she had to forgive them and show them the love of Christ. She asked and found that the prisoner of war hospital needed social workers, and she volunteered.

She forgave her enemies and loves those who bring so much sorrow to their lives.

When Fuchida heard the news, he was shocked. Who heard of the enemy of forgiveness? He said that in Japan, a seven-time curse on a person’s enemies is considered glorious. But forgive them?

He began to read this Christian faith. One day, he found a book called “I am a Japanese prisoner of war”, written by one of Dobittle’s Raiders, who was shot down and spent three years in a prison camp. There, he began to know Christ and decided that at the end of the war, the Lord would let him return to Japan as a missionary.

Next, Fuchida met a man who published the Bible. He eagerly took one to go home and read it, and wanted to learn more about this new belief in ending the war. He reads and reads. Then he came to Luke 23.

The Lord Jesus hung on the cross and dying. At the root of the cross, his executioner mocked him, spitting, cursing him, Jesus looking up to heaven and praying, “Father, please forgive them. They don’t know what they did.”

At that moment, Fuchida became a Christian. He has never seen a Christian and has never spoken to a person. But Christ captured his heart through an example of a young woman who loves, not hates, a projector that once loved the cruelty of his captives, and Christ’s own testimony.

Later, he will meet Romans 5:8, “But when we were sinners, God revealed his love for us, and Christ died for us.”

This is changing the world. revolution. amazing.

“It’s like the sun rises,” Fuchida said.

For the rest of his life, Mitsuo Fuchida is committed to spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

I heard that he spoke in the chapel of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in the mid-1960s and never forgot it. I don’t remember one thing he said; but I will never forget who he is and how God captured this warrior. (This story was first told in Gordon Prange’s book “God’s Samurai” and later in T. Martin Bennett’s “Injured Tiger”. Fuchida’s autobiography is for that day.)

Love your enemy part two

Love your enemy.

Nothing about our Lord’s teachings is subject to more attacks, jealousy, ridicule, and jealousy than calling on people to love those who hate them, turning another cheek when they are hit, and using one’s oppressor to go Two miles, give someone a shirt to steal his jacket.

However, this may be the most amazing, revolutionary, world-saving principle of all time.

The text is Luke 6:27-35. It is a larger version of the same information in Matthew Chapter 5, “The Sermon on the Mount.”

Luke 6:27 answers three great questions…

– “Lord, is this the teaching of everyone?”

No, he said, “I tell you the people you hear.” Not everyone hears or gets spiritual things. “Nature people do not accept the things of the Spirit of God because they are foolish to him” (1 Corinthians 2:14).

– “Lord, what does your enemy mean? Who is my enemy?”

A: Those who hate you, threaten you, curse you, hit you, and catch you. It’s not that you treat them as enemies, just as they put themselves in that category by action.

– “Lord, how can I love them? I don’t even like them?”

A: He did not order you to like them. Some of them did not like it either. He ordered you to love them. In the Bible, love is always more than an emotion, but always accompanied by action. Love is what we do.

So, when the Lord commands us to love our enemies, he will give four actions to explain his ideas accurately…

We must do good things for the enemy.
We want to bless our enemies. In other words, say good things to them.
We have to pray for our enemies. Ask God to do His will in their lives.
We are going to give our enemies.

This is the four most basic acts of love: doing good deeds, blessings, prayers and dedication. Of course, you can do these things for your beloved child or grandson. But you did these four things. You do good things for your children, bless you, pray for them, give them, and so on. But when he calls us to love our enemies, these four acts are what the Lord thinks.

This is changing the world. In fact, it is more than just…

When we do love for the enemy, there are 12 things…

God is honored.
Jesus is very happy.
The Holy Spirit can use our actions to achieve his purpose.
The devil is irritated. You did not follow the rules.
Enemies – those who do bad things to you – are confused. They completely hope that you will retaliate and do it like you treat you.
Criticism of the church is silent. They are all ready to watch you respond to the bad guy with your own evil behavior, and they will be used against you. But on the contrary, you do things that love, they don’t know what to do.
The church itself is lucky.
Christians who have experienced hard times will see and be inspired by your actions and will do the same.
Outsiders were attracted to Jesus. Finally, they saw someone doing the same thing!
You are very lucky.
Your anger has disappeared.
According to Luke 6:35, your reward in heaven is great.

One thing you and I have done in this life is to show the love of Christ more than the people who are nervous to us, to constantly harass us, to persecute our faith, and to make our lives miserable and more important.

This is not natural. It cannot be done in the flesh. It is supernatural and only the Spirit of God is feasible.

Only godly and loyal people will do this. The rest will respond to litigation, their own attacks, their own embarrassment and revenge.

Jesus understands this. He says…

– If you only love those who love you, then where is its power? The lost person does this.

– If you only do good things for those who are good for you, then where is the power? Unsaved people do this every day.

– If you only give those who give back to you, it would be too big. The world always does this.

But if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you will not be allowed to retaliate. You will love your enemies, do good things for those who persecute you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who threaten you, and give to those who will take your things.

Do this and the world changes.

You have his words.

This article about Love Your Enemies first appeared here.

Prayer will change everything, but prayer does not solve all problems.

I believe that prayer will change everything, but it does not solve all problems. For most of my life, I have been a praying person. Is it effective? Does it completely fix me?

Obviously not, because I still have a long way to go.

You pray for something without a doubt, hope that prayer can solve it, right?

When we are sick, we pray that God will heal us.

When we are poor, we pray for God to provide.

When we are desecrated, we pray that God will make it right.

All these prayers are good prayers. God calls us to believe in Him at this moment, for our actions, work and action.

However, prayer did not “fix” all the situations we encountered.

In the fourth chapter of Acts, we read the story of Peter and John being arrested for preaching Jesus. Later, they were released after the strong speech of the temple police because he did not continue to spread the gospel.

Pray how to change everything, but can’t solve everything in the Bible

In response, the church began to pray. This is a spoiler… The persecution problem actually gets worse.

Prayer did not solve it. the problem still exists. But prayer did change the situation. This is the content of church prayer…

What does the church pray for in the face of persecution? More bold. Greater power. A bigger witness.

God answered this prayer, not by fixing the persecution problem, but by changing the variables…

We sometimes put the burden of prayer on prayer, and prayer never intended to be dealt with. We see prayer as a magical formula.

If I say these words, the problem will disappear immediately…

What we basically said to God is, “God, I have this problem, I ask you to fix it for me…”

When the problem cannot be solved or disappears quickly, we are disappointed with God, frustrated with our situation, and disgusted with our own lack of confidence.

If you don’t expect prayer to “fix” all our negative situations, but expect God to design prayer to change the variables.

Is it true that when I ask God to fix my broken finances, is his real desire to change and enhance my ability to manage finances?

Perhaps the real goal of God is not to miraculously repair the conflict zone in my marriage, but to change me and my spouse to make each other more like Jesus.

God often heals and provides prayer in a dramatic and magical way. I have seen it. I believe in it.

But more often, he started working, changing from the inside out, and the people around us – sometimes slowly and gradually – in different ways to meet our challenges.

This is what prayer is doing… Prayer changes everything in any particular situation, making it possible to save magical and instantaneous salvation or to overcome the slow, gradual changes and growth required for adversity.

Dealing with life without prayer is like playing basketball with a flat ball. It just doesn’t work. And we hope that prayer will make us a professional player who will not miss a night. But prayer did give us an inflatable ball – better equipment, better skills, better chances, more power and speed and endurance – so the game became ok.

Prayer is not a magical formula that can be fixed easily and immediately.

But prayer definitely helps to change the variables of any situation in which we apply its power.

Prayer will change everything.

How to plan daily prayer time with God

I am convinced that changing everything about positive things in life is to establish daily prayer time with God.

If you exercise every day, your health will improve. If you manage your budget every day, your financial situation will improve. Similarly, if you practice training on a daily basis – as much as possible in your day – alone and with God, your soul will increase health and maturity.

A friend suggested that I read the best-selling book on self-improvement, which Halelrod called Miracle Morning: a less obvious secret that promises to change your life (before 8am). This is a great read, but I have been reading it, I think, this is not new information – it is very very old.

In fact, since I entered adulthood, I have been practicing the habit of keeping quiet with God every day. In some seasons I am more unstable than others, but when I practice this subject faithfully, it has always been the most influential practice of building my own life from the inside out.

I don’t believe that we should legally accept this subject. In order to win the favor of God, this is not a question of performance. Instead, we use this spiritual discipline as a new way to freedom, growth, and spiritual maturity and faith in God and our identity.

One of the reasons we are trying to start and maintain this practice is that we are too complicated. We use it as a ritual, with additional rules about what we can and can’t do, so that we can call it really quiet time.

I want to share the plan I have been following for years, because I believe it. I saw it changed my life in countless ways.

6 elements with God’s daily prayer time

You may have heard of ACTS prayers, which represent worship, remorse, gratitude and pleading. I put it into my prayer time, but I broke it down. You may also have heard about reading and studying the Bible’s observations – explanations – application methods. I combine these two ideas and divide my time into six basic elements every morning…

Worship of prayer time

I am always open to worship – praise God, which reminds me of his greatness and his important position in my life. My worship mainly revolves around two issues…

Who is God? What can I praise for his quality or attributes today?

This first question has nothing to do with anything God has done for me, such as providing the economy or giving me health. This is not about me at all. This is all about him. I remind him that he deserves praise and worship only because he is God, he is kind and worthy of my worship.

The second question is personal and experience…

What is God doing inside me, around and through me?
2. Prayer for prayer time

This part is very simple, but it is very painful. I thought about this problem,

I need to honestly admit to God, is there any sin or wrong in my life?
3. Meditation of prayer time

The meditation phase is where I stop to do some reading and learning, and more importantly, listening and handling.

I chose a passage – sometimes a verse, sometimes a chapter, sometimes a few chapters – I started reading. When I was studying, I tried to answer these questions…

What did this article say to God?
What does this article mean about me and my walking with God?
What do I need to change in order to obey this passage?

I can also supplement this with reading from other books, especially devotional. Some of the devotions I have used in the past few years include:

Morning and evening, Charles Spurgeon
Oswald Chambers, my highest realm
Paul David Tripp’s New Morning Mercy
Glittering gem from Greece, designed by Rick Renner
Wake up my heart by J. Sidlow Baxter

Of course, I also subscribed to the daily email of Pastor Rick Warren’s Daily Hope (the app I use)!

4. Thanksgiving at the time of prayer

Thanksgiving is an essential antidote to any form of negativity. This is the place I answered.

What do I want to thank God for today?
5. Praying for time

Begging is a peculiar word for begging or earnest inquiry. One of the main elements of prayer in the Bible simply means asking. God is very happy that we are willing to express our trust in him by asking him.

I am here to answer two questions:

What do I need to pray in my life?

This may include daily bread, financial resources, health or wisdom or confidence provided by God. It may include some of the goals I am trying to achieve, or it can cure my inner pain points.

Who do I need to pray for?

I have listed a list of people I pray every day, including my family, church, friends, citizen leaders, and people with mental and physical needs.

6. Declaration of prayer time

In the final stages of my calm, I accepted all the knowledge I learned from God and declared what was true.

Enemies are constantly looking around in our lives to find ways to distract and discourage us. The truth from God is the ultimate weapon against these subtle attacks.

I believe that we are beginning to live out what we verbally claim. I am not saying in any mysterious sense. On the contrary, I believe that when I affirm a truth in my mind and mouth, my life begins to tend in that direction.

I keep a list of statements that are spoken out loud every morning. I won’t share it all, but here are a few…

I am the child of the king.
He deserves to worship!

He created, saved, summoned for my purposes
And equip me.

I am free to thrive under grace.
, firmly obey the truth of the Word of God.

He promised me his existence,
His protection, his supply and his strength.

God has this!

I control my thoughts and feelings,
I chose to be happy.

I boldly and confidently refused to be passive and lead.
I love and value people.

I am full of the Spirit of God
Wearing the armor of God –
Belt of truth
– Justice badge
– Peace shoes from the gospel
– Salvation helmet
– Shield of Faith
– Soul Sword, the Way of God

I am ready to fight.
I can do a lot of things.

Nothing can stop me,
Because God is for me!

I strongly recommend that you adopt this approach. This is changing life! It sets the tone for your day and determines the direction you depend on when you walk with God until you sleep at night.

I really believe this exercise – quiet time with God every day – is the only thing that changes everything! This is how we develop our relationship with God and cultivate a soul full of peace, happiness and assurance.

I suggest you do this as early as possible. You have to decide when it is best. It may be before someone else wakes up. This may be after you have sent your child to school and went home to a quiet house. Just make sure to choose the most sensitive time of your mind, most of your time ahead.

Just to re-plan:

Worship (praising God)
Meditation (reading, learning, and listening)
Thanksgiving (thanks to God)
Submit (inquiry and request)
Declaration (declaration of sacred truth)

You can do this! You can start today!