Signs of 4 self-centered team members

If you have led you at any time, you have learned selfish corrosiveness in the team. A selfish team member is obsessed with his agenda, not with the mission of ministry or organization. Selfish team members can’t bring unbiased wisdom in the discussion because they constantly want to know “What does this mean for me?” Selfish team members continually remove energy from the task because they are being their own The target is swallowed up. What is a selfish indicator?

The Bible teaches that “love is patient, love is kind. Love does not boast, does not boast, is not arrogant, not rude, not selfish…” [1 Corinthians 13:4-5].

Many scholars believe that the “not self-pursuit” stage is the key to other characteristics. A person who does not pursue himself will show other attributes of love. With this in mind, there are four signs of selfishness:


Divine initiative and ambition are not the same as impatience. The former is about the mission; the latter is about the person’s agenda. An unselfish person is patient, because this person does not think that everything is related to them. In the same way, a selfish person is impatient. Everything is about them, they believe that everyone should give up everything for them.

2. Average

An unselfish person is kind because this person wants others to be treated well without being treated well. A self-seeking person is despicable to others, often out of insecurity, so that he or she will be promoted.


An unselfish person will not be embarrassed because they are modest and do not want what others have or think they deserve. Self-centered people cannot celebrate or promote on behalf of others. People who are full of jealousy will resist the challenge of developing others because they hate the idea of ​​others transcending them.

4. Boast and rude

An unselfish person is not exaggerated and rude because they do not have to upgrade themselves. Selfless team members are safe to God who they claim to be, don’t constantly think about themselves, or think that they are better than others. But those who boast and rudely show that they are driven by self.

Of course, it is much easier to find egocentricity among others. But Plato is right, “The first and biggest victory is to conquer yourself.” If a leader is self-centered, then the team may follow suit. Leader – Before we examine other people’s spots, we must first look at the board.

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