Church System: Guide your church to more system drivers

Welcome to the unSeminary podcast. I am very happy to have a conversation with the real friend of the podcast, Lane Sebring. Lane is an executive director of the OneLife Church in Tennessee and also runs a resource called The Preaching Donkey.

The OneLife Church was planted in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2009, and has launched their third campus and is building a fourth campus. When he arrived in 2017 15 months ago, Lane became part of OneLife.

Seventy-seven percent of multi-site churches cannot go beyond three locations, but OneLife is about to pass and work on the fourth campus; but this will not happen without a system. We talked to Lane today about what he is learning about system development and how he can help achieve this goal in OneLife to help the church move forward.

Guide your church to be driven by more systems
Become a system dependent. When Lane arrives at OneLife, it has two campuses and plans a third campus. They found that many of the things they did were repeated rather than scaled. Because they do something on one campus, they only do it on another campus. However, when the reality of the third campus appeared, they began to feel pressure. Craig Grochell led the podcasts to talk about the rules of the three and ten. When you hit three things, the complexity of the 10 things grows exponentially. OneLife staff asked what to do when going to three campuses or four or five campuses? They decided to rely on the system, not on people.

List everything that is done in the church. The OneLife staff began to compile a list of everything they did. The question asked is, “What do we do more than once in the same way?” This may be done once a year or every week, but this is done more than once in the same way and needs to be recorded in a system. . They asked all employees, leadership teams and volunteers to understand everything they did, even those that exist only in someone’s mind and have not yet been written on paper. This is not just an event, but a welcome to the church, cleaning, setting up audio equipment, etc.

Not just copying, but multiplication. Once the list is created, prioritize as needed. It is imperative to ensure that they are from two campuses to three campuses, and they are not just repeating but multiplying. They want to make sure that the pastor of the new campus has everything he needs. The way to get the job done on other campuses will be on paper, so he and his team can refer to it, which will be simple and allow them to easily follow the system.

The system is simple. People are often afraid to hear the word “system”, but OneLife’s system set is simple. For example, their auditorium’s broad system is on one page, so any volunteer can accept and follow everything it needs to know. It raises three questions: Who did it? When does it happen? How do we know that we have won? From there, the page provides a one-word job description and discusses how to do it and how to do it.

Focus on the campus. One Life’s central team is responsible for planning, standards, systems and resources, while the campus is responsible for managing people and executing plans and standards. So decided to focus on the campus, such as the child’s ministry and first impression. These parts of the church can have a greater impact on helping people return, so it is important to focus on these aspects of the church.

Become a preacher of the preach. Lane has written a blog for about five years and has now published his second book. Become a preacher of ninja: Improve your skills, hone your craft, and maximize your input as a missionary, when he starts thinking about how to value leadership in the church world and develop into a leader And become a better leader. This can make people feel that preaching is a secondary factor in leadership. Ryan wrote this book to help people examine how they can provide a little attention to the field and where God treats them as speakers.

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