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Easily solve pastor problems with too many emails

I remember when the email first entered the scene. Wait, I can send this message, will my friends get it right away? It’s like writing a letter, but there is no lag time! Fast forward to the present, very few pastors, including myself, do not manage emails to prevent it from controlling our lives. Think about it, except that we… Leer más »

Signs of 4 self-centered team members

If you have led you at any time, you have learned selfish corrosiveness in the team. A selfish team member is obsessed with his agenda, not with the mission of ministry or organization. Selfish team members can’t bring unbiased wisdom in the discussion because they constantly want to know “What does this mean for me?” Selfish team members continually remove… Leer más »

3 modes of communication to maintain attention

Today, preaching is more difficult than ever. First, we cannot assume that people come to our church with a basic understanding of the Bible as they have in the past. But because of all the media we interact with every day – from TV to email to social media – it’s even harder. It seems that someone is always trying… Leer más »

Church System: Guide your church to more system drivers

Welcome to the unSeminary podcast. I am very happy to have a conversation with the real friend of the podcast, Lane Sebring. Lane is an executive director of the OneLife Church in Tennessee and also runs a resource called The Preaching Donkey. The OneLife Church was planted in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2009, and has launched their third campus and is… Leer más »

The priest needs to know what is dementia

Do you know that one in 10 people aged 65 or older has Alzheimer’s disease/dementia? Look at your congregation every Sunday, especially its aging part, and consider how many of them may be working to resolve the disease – usually no one knows it except their direct caregiver. Navigation Pastor Tips for Alzheimer’s Disease #1: Understand the signs and symptoms… Leer más »

You are so depraved, you may think that this church is about you: how the total fall depends on the attraction

I cried during the last service of the church, I was not even there. I am watching it online. One Sunday night, when I scrolled through Facebook, I stumbled upon an invitation to the live broadcast of the church. I often want to know, um, what did they do on Sunday? So, curious, I click and adjust. Thirty minutes later,… Leer más »

Matt Chandler: Is the church membership a Bible?

“Christ’s spouse can’t be fornic; she is not corrupt and pure. She knows a home; she guards the sanctity of a sofa with a clean attitude. She makes us God. She appointed her as the son of the kingdom. Any with the church The person who separates and joins the adulteress is separated from the promise of the church; the… Leer más »

Children will remember 7 things about you

Last summer, my family completed an epic self-driving tour covering 16 states in two weeks. Ashley and I put our four sons (12, 10, 5 and 2) into a stinky van and started off-road hiking, which hit several national parks. And recorded more than 5,000 miles when we finished. As you can imagine, there are a lot of complaints along… Leer más »

Flourishing rural gathering

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Recently, I had dinner with a group of rural pastors to understand their ministry. The priests stood one after another, giving their names, their church and their many years of service. Then, the face of each pastor is gone. “Our church only worships about 20 years old,” the first pastor said. When each pastor shared their worship, the frustration and… Leer más »

Three discipleship principle

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In the past few weeks, I shared my typical approach during the first and second D-Group meetings. In today’s post, I want to share three principles that must be incorporated into your D-Group if you want it to become rich and grow. Three principles of effective discipleship Principle #1 The first principle is “no contact, no impact.” This principle is… Leer más »